Free Industry Leading Warranties!

Five Year Warranty on Exterior Painting!

       All of our work is backed with a free Warranty! Warranty work is completed within one month of the issue being reported (weather permitting). The length of the warranty depends on the paint or stain used and application surface. Listed below are warranties issued when Sherwin Williams's products are used and we perform the prep work. All warranties cover paint, labor and materials for the length of the warranty.

Please Contact Us if you have a specific question about our warranties.

Precision Painting, Inc. Warranty Details
The option to warranty or not to warranty a project because of determined underlying issues, defective surfaces, extreme climate, and/or other reasons is at the sole discretion of Precision Painting, Inc.

Damaged caused to surfaces coated by Acts of God such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes etc. are not covered under Precision Painting, Inc. warranties. If you have questions about the warranty extended on your project then please call Brandon at 541-880-6865.

Warranty Coverage
All warranties offered by Precision Painting, Inc. cover all paint, labor, materials, tools, equipment costs incurred while completing warranty work for a period of two years unless otherwise noted.
Warranties extended beyond a two year period cover all paint, materials, tools and equipment costs incurred and the customer is responsible for paying labor costs incurred from performed warranty work.

Warranty Length
The length of the warranty, expressed in terms of years for each product type and number of coats applied is listed below. A warranty may or may not be provided on products and surfaces not listed below. Please contact Brandon at 541-880-6865 for details.

       Exterior Vertical Surfaces

1 coat of SuperPaint
On exterior surfaces receives a 2 year warranty!

2 coats of SuperPaint
On exterior surfaces receive a 5 year warranty!

1 coat of Resilience
On exterior surfaces receives a 2 year warranty!

2 coats of Resilience
On exterior surfaces receive a 5 year warranty!

1 coat of Duration
On exterior surfaces receives a 3.5 year warranty!

2 coats of Duration
On exterior surfaces receive a 6 year warranty!

1 coat of Emerald
On exterior surfaces receives a 3.5 year warranty!

2 coats of Emerald
On exterior surfaces receive a 6 year warranty!
  • One or two coats of Direct to Metal, All Surface Enamel and Solo, applied to doors, garage doors and all other non-galvanized metal surfaces is accompanied with a 1 year warranty.

  • One or two coats of Sikkens Log and Siding or Equivalent are accompanied with a 1 year warranty.
Some exclusions and restrictions apply.
       Exterior Horizontal Surfaces.
  • Decks and other horizontal surfaces stained with Super Deck, Sikkens, Deckscapes or equivalent semi-transparent, translucent and solid stains are accompanied with a warranty extending from April 1st- November 15th. For example if your deck was stained on May 3rd, then your warranty is valid until November 15th of the same year the staining was performed.
  • Warranties are not extended through the winter months because of the extremely harsh elements experienced in our climate. Decks and other horizontal surfaces are recommended to be maintained on a yearly basis.
       Some Warranty Exclusions Include, but are not Limited to:
  • Surfaces painted being in poor condition and/or lacking the integrity needed to guarantee the coating on the surface being painted.
  • Underlying problems with sub layers of paint and/or contamination preventing top coats from adhering to the surface properly, causing blistering, peeling and other issues.
  • Fabricated water systems such as sprinklers placing stress and converging with the painted surface.
  • Paint, primer, stain and materials must be purchased by Precision Painting, Inc. If paint, primer, stain and other materials are purchased by customers then must meet the condition and quality must be deemed satisfactory to Precision Painting, Inc. in order for the work to be performed to be accompanied with a warranty.
  • Cracks reappearing in corners of walls, on ceilings and on other drywall locations from the building settling and other natural causes.
  • Damage and/or wear and tear caused by occupants and/or pets such as scratches on doors from dogs or a hole in the wall caused from furniture.
       Some Warranty Requirements Include, but are not Limited to:
  • Pressure washing being performed by Precision Painting, Inc.
  • Scraping, sanding, caulking, masking and other preparation work must be completed by Precision Painting, Inc.
  • Paint and primer and/or other coatings must be applied by Precision Painting, Inc.
  • Locations where moisture is an area of concern must be caulked by Precision Painting, Inc. This includes gaps between the windows and window trim, butt joints on the siding, gaps between trim and siding and all other gaps exceeding the tip of a ball point pen.
       Surfaces and Items not Warrantied by Precision Painting, Inc:
  • Concrete surfaces coated with paint or stain including walkways and driveways are not warrantied due to the harsh elements experienced in our climate.
  • Mildew reappearing on surfaces cleaned. The growth of mildew is extremely dependent upon environmental and climate factors. While quality cleaners usually prevent the growth of mildew from returning for an extended period of time, no warranty is stated or implied in reference to the elimination of mildew. Duration paint will reduce likelihood of mildew reoccurring on most surfaces.
       Other Warranty Terms and Conditions
  • The warranty is not effective until Precision Painting, Inc. has received payment in full or until monthly payments due have been paid in full.
  • Warranty work is limited to repainting of original affected area. Entire walls, fascia, eaves, etc. will not be completely recoated unless 50% or more of area is failing. Applying fresh paint over older paint may cause differences in shading from affected area to other parts of the surface.
  • There are no other terms, conditions, covenants, representations, or warranties expressed or implied out of common statutory law, with regard to fitness, quality, quantity, and habitability or other than the Precision Painting, Inc. warranties expressly set forth in this section on our warranties.

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