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How do make sure I am hiring a qualified contractor?

What exterior paint colors fade more quickly in the sun?

Light yellow and green colors are more susceptible to fading caused by the sun.

How much surface area does a gallon of paint cover?

A gallon of paint will typically cover 250 square feet of surface area or around 350 feet of trim, but it does depend on the surface being painted and whether or not the surface has been painted before. New wood absorbs more paint.

How many coats of paint do I need?

One coat may be sufficient, but it could take two or even three coats for proper coverage. It depends on the quality of the paint and if the new paint is drastically different in color from the old paint. The quality of the paint is important. Paints with less sheen cover best and red colors offer poor coverage.

Should I use oil based or water based paint?

If the surface has previously been painted with oil-based before or if the surface is chalky then oil-based paint should be used. Surfaces that expand and contract due to temperature variations should be painted with a water/latex based paint. Water based paint dries much faster and is easy to clean.

Can water based paint or stain be used over oil based paint or stain?

Water based paint or stain cannot be used directly over oil based paint or stain. However, an oil based primer may be applied over an oil based surface and then the primer may be painted over with water based paint.

Is it okay to use paint that was frozen?

No. Once paint has frozen, the molecular structure of the paint has changed. The paint will lack durability, the ability to adhere correctly and be very difficult to apply. The easiest way to determine if a gallon of paint or stain was previously frozen is to rub the paint or stain between your fingers. If it feels “gritty” or as if sand is in the paint, then put the lid back on and take it to your local Sherwin Williams store for the paint to be recycled. If the paint does not feel “gritty” then it is most likely acceptable for application.

What is the main difference between interior and exterior paint?

Interior paints have a harder shell and contain lower VOC’s and have a larger range of available sheens. Most interior paints have a harder shell because areas as such walls, doors and trim are constantly being bumped, rubbed, and opened. Exterior paint needs to be soft and flexible because of the expansion and contraction exterior surfaces face during climate change. This is why oil based paint with a hard shell last a fraction as long as flexible water based applications on exterior surfaces.

What is faux painting?

Faux painting is decorative painting used to add a desired appeal and feel. There is a great assortment of faux painting techniques that can be used. Some require the use of tissue paper, glaze, metallic paint, crackle paint and plaster. Take a look at our Faux painting gallery for examples and ideas.

Does primer need to be used before paint is applied?

It depends. If the surface the paint is being applied to is in good condition then there is no need to prime it in most situations. If, however, the surface is bare wood, stucco, fiberglass or is in poor condition then it should be primed before paint is applied.

Should I paint or stain my deck?

A stain is more resistant to water, ice and foot traffic than house paint. Horizontal services require more maintenance than vertical surfaces because they are continuously exposed to these elements. Semi-transparent stains last longer than solid stains in freezing or moist climates. However, a semi-transparent stain should not be used if a solid stain was previously used on the surface.

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