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The Precision Painting Story

Painting a Dream and Overcoming Adversity

            As a young boy growing up in Klamath Falls, I had a dream to be an entrepreneur. Challenges and problem solving always interested me. I knew the challenges presented to me with owning a business would provide me with a sense of purpose. At the age of seven, I began shoveling snow in the winter time and raking leaves in the fall for my fellow neighbors. I earned the work by walking door to door and asking for jobs needing to be completed. I quickly learned the meaning of hard work.

           Pleased with my work, more neighbors were beginning to ask me to complete work for them. The work kept piling up and I realized there was more work to complete then I could ever perform alone. At this moment, I came up with a brilliant idea! I would hire friends to help me perform the work. This created opportunities for my friends to earn money, delighted my neighbors because we performed the jobs they otherwise would have to do and taught me some valuable management skills. Four people completed four times the work I could have done myself. And if I was sick then the work still got completed by my friends. By this time, I was managing more than I was working. This is where I learned about scheduling work, performing quality control, cash flow and basic marketing principles.

           My inner drive developed from this small business helped me realize my life goal of solving problems for others and providing employment opportunities while earning a living in an ethical and responsible manner. A small part of this goal is reached every day as we paint your home. To us, it is more than painting a house. We help homeowners solve paint related issues. Providing services that add value to your home or business is our way of thinking. Our main focus is not how we can earn another job, but rather “how can we help you”?

We may be painting your home, but it is you who is helping paint my dream.

About Brandon

Brandon Hartley (Co-Owner)

Brandon is an innovative painting contractor using modern marketing techniques to revolutionize an industry desperately in search of a great young mind to revamp the culture in the painting industry. Brandon graduated from the Oregon Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Small Business Management/Entrepreneurship with an option in marketing, which gave him the education necessary to co-found Precision Painting. Brandon spends a lot of his free time staying active by snowboarding, wakeboarding and playing basketball. Brandon is a family man at heart, dropping everything he is doing to help his family whenever they are in need. Growing up in a small town has instilled the core value he bases the company after: family, friendship, working smart, trying harder and appreciated relationships developed along the way.

About Paul

Paul Pandozzi (Co-Owner)

Paul is a creative business owner who prides himself on the professional relationship he has with all of his clients. Seeing an opportunity to better an industry, he jumped at the idea of completely changing the landscape and becoming a business owner. In his free time, Paul enjoys spending time with the new addition to his family, Denali, a one year old chocolate lab. When Paul isn’t spending time with his family or favorite pet, he spends it on the banks of a river, fishing and soaking in all of nature’s beauty. Born and raised in a small town in upper New York, he has brought his small town mentality and embraced Klamath Falls as his own.

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