Green Painting

It's the responsible thing to do!

       Painting is green when the paint contains no or low VOC's (volatile organic compounds) and it is for both interior and exterior painting projects. VOC compounds present health hazards that include respiratory problems, cancer and central nervous system disorders.

We use Sherwin Williams's high quality low VOC paints to complete projects whenever possible.

Painting in an environmentally responsible manner includes:

1. Using water based paints rather than oil based paints whenever possible as oil based products contain as many as 300 toxic components. Oil based products require solvents for cleanup, while water-based paints are cleaned up with water.

2. Choosing darker color stains because they last longer, increasing the length of time between necessary staining applications.

3. Using paint instead of stain whenever possible because stains contain harmful pesticides.

To learn more about green painting products please click the link below.

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