Free color consultation!

       There are many colors to choose from and we know how difficult it can be to choose the right colors. Painting is an investment, so choosing colors that are aesthetically pleasing to you is important.

We are here to help! You can schedule a free color consultation or ask us to lend you a color swatch. Free test patches are put on the surfaces we are painting for you to ensure the colors are what you expected.

*It is important to note most significant color changes require two coats of paint.

Upcoming popular Exterior colors for 2012.
Upcoming popular Interior colors for 2012.
Color Name Color Number
Down Home SW 6081
Practical Beige SW 6100
Turkish Coffee SW 6076
Mindful Gray SW 7016
Softened Green SW 6177
Color Name Color Number
Kilim Beige SW 6101
Simplify Beige SW 6085
Popular Gray SW 6071
Sensational Sand SW 6094
Heron Plume SW 6070
Black is back!

Painting the trim in a bathroom a deep black, using it in the glazing mixture on faux painting or using it to create a chic atmosphere in a library or study room are going to become more popular as the New Year progresses. Being bold and using dark colors on accent walls and even to paint entire rooms is a growing trend. The key is to have the right complimentary furniture, the right lighting and to choose the correct colors to keep the room feeling warm and comfortable. Using stripes in a room such as a bedroom in a modern suburbia home reflects charisma and creativity.

Strips are back!

Stripes are back and it looks like they are here to stay awhile. Place a horizontal border near the top section of your living room for a modern appearance or add vertical stripes to the lower section of the walls to add a retro-Victorian feel to your hallways. Add some personality to your home and get your stripe on!

Below are links that will help you figure out
what colors you should use.

Sherwin Interactive software
Color meaning
Color Schemes

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